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“There are people calling this a form of ethnic cleansing and I can’t figure out a reason why it isn’t. Sure, not every Hispanic in the state is undocumented, but you could certainly forgive them for feeling that measures this punitive mean they aren’t welcome. If the state is willing to deny someone water because they don’t have proper ID, they really, really don’t want you around.” - digby, on Alabama’s strict immigration law, which went into effect last week.

Wow. Ethnic cleansing by municipal pettiness. A new low.


This is some really scary stuff.

this makes me cry. It feels like we’re heading to a climax of something in the near future.



If they are paying the bill ( which to have  a bill for water makes me angry but whatever right now) what business is it of yours,

Oh wait you can immigrant blame until they are all gone and by that time people are so poor and downtrodden by the government not doing their jobs tehy have lost any fight to notice what’s happpened

except terrorizing and alienating INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS

if ever there was better proof that white supremacist heteropatriarchy/nationalism is about resource distribution and the normalization of unequal distribution. and frankly, I’m SO tired of hearing, “stupid individual state who is making things sucky” crap. the entire US needs to take responsibility for this. Citizens need to ask themselves what their values are. is denying people *water* based on their ability to pay or their citizenship status ok??? is denying people water based on ANY reason ever ok? Because once we agree it’s ok based on people’s ability to pay—then it becomes ok to deny based on citizenship status, on the needs of corporations, etc etc.

this is not just about a state fucking everything to hell but ALSO about the normalization of restriction of resources to an ever increasing amount of people and the control of access to a *life source* by corporations/government rather than communities…


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