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Wladyslaw Theodore Benda (1873-1948)

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Charles James | Wedding Dress | c. 1934

Miss Baba Beaton wore this dress when she married Mr Alec Hambro on 6 November 1934. It is an early example of the work of the designer Charles James. It anticipates later developments in his style, particularly his approach to complex cut. The beauty of the design lies in its deceptive simplicity and the designer’s complete understanding of the potential of the fabric. Darts and seams shape the smooth ivory satin, which clings and drapes around the body in order to enhance the graceful figure. James said, ‘all my seams have meaning - they emphasize something about the body’.


plutonie_mammoth_by_zdenek_burian_1956 (by it’s better than bad)

“Plutonie,” vintage book published 1956. Illustration by Zdenek Burian.

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Myrtle Gonzalez (September 28, 1891 - October 22, 1918)

Pretty much every day I go to Wikipedia’s births and deaths page and scan for anyone associated with silent films. Which is how I learned about Myrtle Gonzalez about five minutes ago, so bear with me if much of this is paraphrased or quoted from Wikipedia!

Myrtle Gonzalez is considered by many to be “Hollywood’s first Latin and Hispanic movie star actress.” She acted in nearly eighty films between the years 1913 and 1917, and often played an energetic, outdoorsy type. She retired in 1917 upon her marriage to actor/director Allen Watt, and died in the Spanish flu pandemic late the following year.

I’d love to find a greater variety of photos of her, so hopefully I can track some good quality ones down somewhere. Happy birthday, Myrtle Gonzalez.

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Court Dress | c. 1845


La Vie Parisienne: L’Eveil de L’Innocence.

The awakening from innocence.

As written below: ”However, if I were a man, it will take me just a second to be disrespectful with myself”.

(whatever, she’s egosexual)

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Josephine Baker - La Revue Des Revues(1927)

 I love this clip - you get a sense from it what people meant when they said she could move as if she had no bones.