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The ‘Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders’, the document used to justify the gatekeeping of transsexual and transgender people’s treatment and historically used to bar nonbinary, genderqueer and gender nonconforming people from access to hormones and surgeries, is to become considerably more progressive. The new document will be called ‘Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People’ and features a number of revisions:


Some key revisions:

• Psychotherapy is no longer a requirement to receive hormones and surgery, although it is suggested.

“It used to be a minimum amount of psychotherapy was needed. An assessment is still required but that can be done by the prescribing hormone provider,” Bockting explained.

• A number of community health centers in the U.S. have developed protocols for providing hormone therapy based an approach known as the Informed Consent Model. These protocols are consistent with version 7 revisions of WPATH’s standards of care. 

“The SOC are flexible clinical guidelines; they allow for tailoring of interventions to the needs of the individual receiving services and for tailoring of protocols to the approach and setting in which these services are provided,” Coleman explained.

“Access is more open and acknowledges transgender care is being provided in community health centers. This certainly makes it easier to access hormones,” Bockting added.

• There are now different standards for surgery, as well. For example, a transgender man who wants a hysterectomy no longer has to live one year as a male in order to receive the surgery. Likewise, a transgender woman who wants her testicles removed does not have to live one year as a female. 

For people who want genital reconstructive surgery, however, the standards of care recommend living a year in the role of the gender they are transitioning. 

• Another major change, Bockting explained, is that the standards “allow for a broader spectrum of identities – they are no longer so binary.”

“There is no one way of being transgender and it doesn’t have to mirror the idea of a change of their sex,” Bockting explained.

“These standards allow for a gender queer person to have breasts removed without ever taking hormones,” he said.

Read the full summary at GA Voice

The entire text of the new SOC is now available in PDF form

Won’t stop individual gatekeeping assholes entirely, but it will help. This is awesome.

this seems more like WPATH struggling to catch up and stay relevant when they know most non-surgeon trans health providers who really know and understand trans people (this does not necessarily include providers who are trans themselves because sometimes they are super invested in their own narrative blah blah) already stopped giving a shit about them. 

but idk, i’m not really thrilled about the reaction i’ve seen on tumblr. yes this is still a medicalizing discourse and it’s still gatekeeping, but i’ve worked with a friend on shopping new doctors for trans people who can’t afford/do not want therapy, and this will make a big difference for them. if it means fewer trans people on black market mones (not talkin about inhouse pharmacy) then great. if it means fewer people going without and having to deal with the consequences then great. if it means less of a sense of hopelessness which is a basic threat to a lot of trans people’s mental and physical health, then great. idk, a very tumblresque real world/ideal disconnect going on here. 

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[tw: transmisogyny, transphobia] Feminist Blog Outs Trans Women, Posts Pictures


This blog post outs several transwomen with both pseudonyms AND legal names, their photos, where they can be found at the festival, and in some cases their profession and employment. Being on this “hitlist” of transwomen was not consented to by any of them, and it associates them with accusations of volatile behavior that the author has absolutely no proof any of them participated in. The blogger refuses to use female pronouns and asserts that these women, who live in one of the most marginalized segments of our society, are “chest pounding” and trying to assert male privilege in invading a womens’ space – as if people who’ve survived gender dysphoria and live outside of our binary ideas of gender have any male privilege to speak of.

Here’s the original post in question (tw for transphobic and cis-sexist bullshit). This is absolutely ridiculous on so many levels. Regardless of how you feel about transpeople, you should absolutely be concerned that Wordpress is allowing defamatory, person-targeting practices like this to happen, despite a clear violation of their Terms of Service.

You can report GenderTrender to Wordpress for violating terms of service HERE.

Two specific clauses you can cite:

Types of Blogs that violate our advertising policy:

Personal attack blogs: Blogs with the primary purpose of attacking an individual or group of individuals are not welcome on We have a particularly low tolerance for anonymous bloggers who make personal attacks without standing by their words with their real name.

Terms of Service: inciting violence/making threats:

By making Content available, you represent and warrant that…the Content does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party.

Please fill out the form, mention those clauses, and reblog.

In a bizarre lack of coincidence, one of the women they outted, the one that they link her legal name to her online name?  just lost her job today. 

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