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Happy Easter from Angela!

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Beautiful Ringneck Snake

(Mount Tamalpais, California - 3/2014)

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San Francisco Gartersnake (Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia) - San Mateo County, CA

The San Francisco Gartersnake is an endangered subspecies of the Common Gartersnake (T.sirtalis) found in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Habitat loss, commercial collecting (although it is illegal to posses and sell this subspecies in the United States, they are available outside the country), as well the introduction of non-native, invasive bullfrogs (which prey on young snakes, as well as consume native species that provide prey for these snakes) are all contributing factors to the decline of San Francisco Gartersnakes.

San Francisco Gartersnakes are only found within San Mateo County, California (with some reports in extreme northern Santa Cruz County, along the coast).

As these snakes are a federally protected species, it is against the law to handle, touch, or manipulate these snakes.

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Atheris ceratophora

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Rhabdophis tigrinus - Venomous/Poisonous Colubrid of Asia.

Poisonous snakes poisonous snakes poisonous snakes!!

Stealing Mark’s thunder to explain that these snakes are both poisonous AND venomous due to the fact that they absorb toxins (bufadienolides) from amphibian prey into a specialized gland along their neck. (You can see the raised gland in some of the photos.) This means that predators who bite into the snake get a nasty toxic surprise. However, these snakes also produce their own injectable venom- they just tend to use it for hunting rather than defense.

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Gentle Moment by 

This cracks me up.

Let me hug u


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Juul Kraijer

Photography, 2013