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Baugh said he listened to recorded statements given by Morales before her death and believes that while she was a troubled youth, she was “as much in control of the situation” as Rambold. The judge also said Morales was “older than her chronological age.”

Former Senior High teacher gets 30 days for rape of student

The naysayers that constantly deny that racial stereotypes are an inherent part of our culture and how they are used to value a non white woman’s (or girl, as is the case here) worth, should look no further than this case.

In April 2008, a 14 year old Latina girl was raped by her teacher. She committed suicide as a result of the ongoing trauma. Five years later (FIVE) there is finally a sentence for this crime. While the prosecutor had asked for 20 year in jail, the judge deemed 30 days to be a fitting punishment because the child was “in control of the situation”. This rapist (no alleged because he has been found guilty) was expelled from the sex offenders program he was attending because he had remained in contact with several minors in spite of being forbidden to do so.

The offender’s lawyer, not content merely doing his job had to go beyond the call of duty and remind us who was really hurt in this situation:

Rambold’s attorney, Jay Lansing, argued Monday for the suspended sentence. He said Rambold lost his career, his marriage and his home and has suffered a “scarlet letter of the Internet” as a result of publicity about the case.

A 14 year old Latina child was raped and committed suicide, the criminal is given a slap on the wrist but of course, we should be sorry for “the scarlet letter of the internet” that he is going to carry from now on.

Unlike the humanity denied to his victim, he gets to be treated as a subject with rights.

ETA: And I just saw Jezebel’s coverage of this case. Predictably, there isn’t a single mention of this child’s ethnicity. As I said on Twitter, this way of white washing the case erases the long history of racialized misgonynist violence and removes all context of the ways in which Latina women and children (and Women of Color in general) are dehumanized and sexualized. Yes, this could have happened to a child of any ethnicity or race, however, more often than not, these very specific stereotypes about oversexualized girlhood are applied to girls and women of color. Purposefully erasing this context only helps perpetuate the violence which remains unexamined.

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our culture is so fucked up that necrophilia carries more of a social taboo than rape.




NO ONE’S GETTING HURT (except the necrophile if they… contract something)

i don’t know how to respond to this other than to say…why are you so excited about defending necrophilia?

……………………….you literally made the first post and i was agreeing with you?

like i said, necrophila is gross and disrespectful to the body but like

it’s not some horrific thing like rape, pedophilia, or murder

i just get pissed that people say it’s WORSE than someone living being ACTUALLY HURT

i’m glad that your response to me agreeing with you is to imply that i’m “excited” about defending necrophilia

this is such a bizarre perspective

if someone is murdered and their body sexually assaulted after they have died, do we disregard the latter act because “nobody was hurt”?

if we can reasonably assume someone would not want have someone to have sex with their dead body, wouldn’t having sex with their body be a violation of their consent, or does the notion of a living person’s consent lose all value when they die?

what about those who fetishize necrophilia because they like the idea of a nonresisting, totally malleable target who cannot fight back or say no? I mean, I’ve seen magazines where people make dummies that look like the corpses of celebrities and pose them sexily, ffs. Dehumanization/fetishization of the dead cannot occur without some dehumanization/fetishization of the living. Do you not see how intimately this is tied in with rape culture, a real thing that hurts actual living people? The OP was merely pointing out that act, separated from its context, is more stigmatized, not that it never hurts anyone ever.

My daughter wasn’t bullied to death, she was disappointed to death. Disappointed in people she thought she could trust, her school, and the police. She was my daughter, but she was your daughter too. For the love of God do something.
Glen Canning, father of Rehtaeh Parsons • In a new op-ed/statement published by the Huffington Post on Thursday. Parsons died on Sunday night, following a suicide attempt which is believed to have been the result of extensive post-rape bullying. Be warned, while we definitely think more people should see the grieving father’s words, you won’t find an easy read behind the source link. source (via shortformblog)

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I am going through a friend’s notes for a workshop on “transformative justice/sexual assault”, and I want to beat the shit out of the workshop leaders holy fuck, it’s just a big mess of “if you hold rapists accountable you are supporting the prison-industrial complex and are also responsible if they get arrested and convicted and raped in prison, btw their feelings are just as important as those of the people they raped, haven’t we all done bad things after all?”

Direct quote:

harm happens and we don’t condemn anything

jesus wept


I’ve never asked anyone to reblog anything before, and I probably won’t again. But I am now - because this matters.

The Steubenville rape victim, when offered money for her legal expenses or counselling, asked that people donated to a shelter for abused women and children in her county,  Madden House, instead.

Her attorney spoke in a local news article on why the family wanted this, and said they hope very much that “the attention … can help other people that have been victimized by this type of crime,” Fitzsimmons said, “and give them some strength and some assurance that people are there to help them when that happens.”

You can donate as little as $2 via your Paypal account to Madden House. (You can also navigate their website from that link, to be sure it’s a charity you can also believe in.) When I donated back in January, they had a message up that said, “Every single cent says, ‘We believe you, and we care.’” They had to remove it almost at once. I’m sure you can deduce the reasons why, in a case where even her status as “victim” was challenged before the trial.

Madden House and the Family Violence Project helps anyone, men included, but they have a strong focus on families, and on low-income women, especially those from the African-American population.

The best way to show you support Jane Doe is to make a donation, however small and leave a Paypal note when you do saying “In the name of Jane Doe, Steubenville.” They are telling her how many people donate in her name so it’s a direct way of letting her know. Even if all you can afford is a dollar, a thousand Tumblr users donating that is a thousand dollars for abuse victims. And it’s also a thousand people telling her directly that they, unlike the likes of CNN and her erstwhile “friends”, care about her, support her, and believe in her. It’s what she has actually asked people to do. In a case where she has been so effectively silenced and sidelined, I think acknowledging she’s been heard is particularly important.

I think it says so much about this girl and her parents, that when met with offers of serious money they immediately asked that it went to a charity that helps other victims of violence instead. They are extraordinary people in my opinion, and that’s why she had the strength to come forward. Images of two other girls, naked and face down on that basement carpet, were found on a phone. The boy insisted he’d never seen them before, and had no idea who they were of. Jane Doe may well not have been speaking up only for herself. She has very possibly saved others with her courage. She deserves so much more respect than the mainstream media have given her.

If you can’t donate, I really do understand. I’ve been broke before too. But please, do reblog. Get the message out. There is a genuine, positive way to support the victim, in the way she has asked for, and this is it.

Sorry it’s so long. There are so many scams online that I wanted to provide ample links, so there can be no doubt this is legit. Please, if you can, donate/reblog. Show Jane Doe what you think of her.

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This unholy marriage of rape culture with the cult of forgiveness means that some people forget that actions should, and do, have consequences for very good reason. Certainly, there are issues with the American criminal justice system (alternatively, the prison-industrial complex). No doubt, forgiveness on the part of victims of horrendous crimes is sometimes helpful to them in their healing process. None of that erases the need to hold people accountable for their actions, and in the case of Steubenville, there is no dearth of documentation proving that a great wrong did not simply occur, but was actively committed by people sure that their actions would never be taken to task. How else to explain the lack of shame, the creation and sharing of evidence proving the crime, the sheer arrogance expressed in said evidence?

Though punishment is not always a deterrent at all, let alone the best deterrent, allowing for the forgiveness narrative to allow people who commit staggeringly heinous crimes to walk away does not exactly send the right message to those who believe themselves to be above the law, or even basic respect for others’ humanity, agency, and bodily autonomy. Most people behave with common decency because they are commonly decent, but they’re not the ones about whom we have to worry.




tw rape/abuse



i will never understand people who think that women can and do just go around accusing men of rape whenever they want to get a dude back for something


if I wanted to fuck with you, I’d key your car or…

I’m not saying it’s logical. I’m not saying it’s common. I’m just saying I’ve seen about three instances of this actually happening. Luckily for the men involved, nobody believed the girl saying it (two were known to lie more than breathe, and the other had severe credibility issues thanks to heavy drug use), and witnesses came forward who had overheard these girls discussing their plans before their accusations.

1. Someone having a history of drug use doesn’t mean that they’re unrapeable. You know who has a history of drug use? Me, and like, a good chunk of the other rape survivors I know.

2. How does discussing the fact that they wanted to accuse someone before accusing them make them less credible, do you expect survivors to stay absolutely silent until the moment they walk into a police station? What is wrong with you.

However, the problem in each situation that no one believed the girl saying it.

Including you, by your own admission because they were EWW DIRTY DRUG USERS etc! Way to go! Seriously how are you not seeing that you are part of the problem, why are you going out of your way to talk about BUT THIS ONE TIME I KNEW THESE GIRLS WHO WERE TOTALLY LYING, what is wrong with you

What if they actually had been, and no one would listen? No matter how it works out, the cultural mindset that is shown in these situations is fucking disturbing and wrong on so very many levels. The times when false reports are issued with the intent to hurt reputations show a complete disregard for the severity of the thing they are lying about. They feed irrational biases against belief in cases of actual rape.

no. You know what feeds irrational biases against survivors? Misogyny. Racism. Classism. The idea that some people are inherently untrustworthy and “asking for it” because of things they’ve done in the past, because of their race, because of their class status, because of their gender, etc. The idea that all women should be treated as crazy liars because one time some dude totally knew a woman who was a crazy lair. False accusations of rape are statistically so insignificant that calling them part of the systemic problem of rape culture and victim blaming is ridiculous - especially so when your own reasons for accusing people of making false accusations are loaded with victim-blaming logic.

If you really know of someone who made a false accusation, you - and everyone else - can CHOOSE whether or not you let that affect the way you see rape victims and treat accusations of rape. Don’t blame the huge, systemic societal biases THAT YOU ARE PERPETUATING RIGHT NOW on a handful of extremely rare, isolated incidents. Take some fucking responsibility for your own attitude and actions and the consequences of the shit that plays into. Stop telling rape survivors - LIKE ME, incidentally - that the reason no one (ie you) won’t believe us is because one time this dirty drug using bitch totally lied about it. Then maybe we can have an honest discussion about false accusations. Until then, shut up.

The disinclination of those around the “liar” to believe them is seen as a positive thing to those who “know the truth” (in that it protects people who have theoretically done no wrong), but it is a very negative thing because (unless there were witnesses in the room) nobody knows what really happened. The “liar” could just as easily be a victim coerced against their will by someone the general public refused to believe capable of such a thing. It’s horrific all around and it wrecks lives.

I have never met someone whose life was wrecked by an accusation of rape, but whatever. Don’t let that stop you from dismissing rape survivors out of prejudice and then patting yourself on the back for paying lip service to more progressive notions of survivor autonomy, even as you derail a discussion about survivors to claim that you’ve totally witnessed false accusations in action.

tl;dr, look at your life, look at your choices.






so fucked up. Now bear with me - this is the Daily Mail so they won’t be the most feminist in covering this, but it is agreed that this is an effed up situation.

The nine-year-old girl who gave birth in Mexico will never have another child after she was sterilized by the doctors who delivered her baby - against her family’s wishes, it was revealed today.

The youngster was given the procedure following the shock delivery without the consent of her own mother.

She has now reported the Zoquipan Hospital in Guadalajara to the local human rights commission which is investigating.

I hope something good comes of this. No one deserves to have their reproductive rights violated - even if they’ve given birth at 9. Unacceptable.

Also kind of surprised this hasn’t been given more attention in the feminist news cycle.

Wow. Absolutely, unrepentantly inexcusable. America has a sick history of doing this to women of color as well, but it’s still shocking to see it happening today - especially to a 9-year-old girl. Sick.

So not only did this 9-year-old child give birth after being raped - because under no circumstances can a 9-year-old consent to sex - she will never have another opportunity to have children because of a second horrible violation. Wow. 

I feel genuinely sick.

This is so despicable.

I ended up in an argument with a coworker about this girl’s abuser. She insisted on calling him her boyfriend. No; you don’t have a “relationship” with a CHILD. 

I read an update about how the child’s father was proven to be her stepfather.  How fucking horrible is it that this girl’s only child is a product of incest? How about fucking sterilizing the abuser instead of the victim, huh? I guess that would never go over, because oh! It was just a mistake. Bla bla bla. I want to hit things. JFC.

in addition to what’s already been pointed out, this is a good example of how children of color and children in counties viewed as “less developed” are often spoke about like adults at a very young ages, resulting in the acquittal of the abuser

(though describing the baby as “a product of incest” and lamenting the fact that the stigma on said infant will never be alleviated by the production of untainted siblings is also pretty gross - the infant is also a victim of this situation)

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
speaking of ageism and rape culture, think of that george carlin bit every idiot who thinks rape is funny always quotes. RAPE CAN TOTALLY BE FUNNY, THINK OF A 90 YEAR OLD WOMAN GETTING RAPED LOLOLOL or whatever. too disgusted to look up the actual quote. but yeah, anyone who isn't a young thin woman is apparently impossible to rape because they should just ~be thankful anyone wants to touch their disgusting bodies~
desliz desliz Said:

Rape Culture Rules:

1. you’re not attractive and thus you should be thankful anyone wanted to fuck you

2. you’re so ugly we feel sorry for your rapist

3. you’re so disgusting you are not human and thus your assault is absurd and comical

which all revolve around the notion that the rapist is the real human and rape the humanizing force, therefore when rape occurs to people who are marked as less-than it’s not a crime, it’s charity (and how dare you be revulsed by charity?)



Most female victims of physical violence do not seek help or report crimes because of shame or fear of reprisal.

Fifty three percent of women in Bolivia claim to have been victims of some kind of physical or sexual violence at the hands of domestic partners, maintains a recent study of the Pan American Health Organization, or PAHO.

The study “Violence Against Women in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Comparative Analysis of Population-Based Data from 12 Countries,” released on Jan. 17, revealed that between 17 percent and 53 percent of the 180,000 women who were interviewed in Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Peru reported having suffered from physical or sexual violence at the hands of their partners.

The study also indicates that between 41 percent and 82 percent of women who have been victims of physical violence had injuries ranging from cuts and bruises to broken bones, miscarriages, and burns. Despite of this, says the study, between 28 percent and 64 percent did not seek help, report to the authorities, or told anyone because of shame.

Colombia is the country with the second-highest violence against women rate, with 39.7 percent, followed by Peru (39.5 percent), Ecuador (32.4 percent), Nicaragua (29.3 percent), Guatemala (27.6 percent), El Salvador (26.3 percent), Paraguay (20.4 percent), Jamaica (19.6 percent), Haiti (19.3 percent), and the Dominican Republic (17 percent).

Likewise, the study found that the majority of women that were beaten during childhood were also victims of violence as adults.

Mirta Roses Periago, PAHO’s director, declared that “n addition to violating basic human rights, violence against women has serious consequences for the health of women and their children and impacts heavily on health services and health workers in the region.”

Bolivia, the country most affected by violence against women, had more than 440,000 reports of some level of intra-family violence between 2007 and 2012. Of this total, 23,000 were investigated by the legal system. Only in 96 of these cases there were convictions.

The PAHO states that the goal of the study is to raise awareness about violence against women in Latin America, the Caribbean and all over the world, as it is a health and public problem as well as a violation of human rights. By facilitating comparative data on prevalence, risk factors, consequences and attitudes on violence against women, the PAHO seeks to strengthen mechanisms in primary care, improve the quality of access to prevention and response programs for victims, and improve also the quality of the information needed to design appropriate policies and programs.

“It is our hope that this report will motivate decision-makers to invest more resources in implementing evidence-based strategies that will prevent violence against women from ever taking place,” said Alessandra Guedes, co-author of the report.

—Latinamerica Press.