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: This is seriously happening right now.





My spouse works in phlebotomy.

As part of an ice-breaker while he preps the tourniquet, tubes and needle, he casually asks why his patients are there. Obviously it doesn’t require an answer or anything, because that’d be invasive as hell, but often it helps alleviate patient tension if they start talking about something, and the elephant in the room makes for an easy jumping block. People trust medical workers.

“I’m getting an abortion,” one young woman he saw today said. Not the first, not the last.

But she went on to describe her situation. It wasn’t what she wanted; who knows how it happened—brief lapse of judgment, failure of contraception, tampering with contraception, marital rape, whatever—but the point was, she wasn’t ready. She decided to abort, even though her husband tried to convince her otherwise.

He asked for a divorce.

Now she’s in a race to get the procedure done as fast as possible, because he intends to fight for custody of the unborn child. He wants to legally force her to carry that fetus she doesn’t want to term and then take the resulting baby from her.

When my spouse told me about this, his voice shook.

Seriously, this is happening. It’s happening right now.

When Margaret Atwood was asked to define the genre for “A Handmaid’s Tale”, she refused to call it scifi because every single thing in the book has not only happened already but is still happening now. This post gives me that feeling.

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The message below was taken from the local 40 Days of Life website:

This fall, from September 28 - November 6, Jacksonville will be one of many cities joining together for the largest and longest coordinated pro-life mobilization in history — the 40 Days for Life campaign.

40 Days for Life is a focused pro-life effort that consists of:

  • 40 days of prayer and fasting
  • 40 days of peaceful vigil  (7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
  • 40 days of community outreach

This will be my first “40 Days” extravaganza and I’m not gonna lie, I’m nervous to be working it. The staff and police keep telling me that it’s nothing to be scared of, but I’m still slightly intimidated by the numbers (I’m told in the hundreds) of people that are bound to show up. The image above is just a small indication of what we’ll be up against. If they plan on sticking to their usual, there will be a “Crucifixion walk” with hundreds of people walking on our sidewalks with a huge cross and many other sideshow activities planned. One of their Facebook pages dedicated to wrangling up protesters everyday is here: You can ever see one of the pictures from the past 40 Days events. 

I’m going to need help and I’m not sure I’ll have it. It’s time to go hunting for volunteers and fast. If you or anyone you know will be available to volunteer as an escort during that time, please email me at

Please reblog to get the word out to anyone in the area. Thanks!

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When North Carolina’s Eugenics program ended in 1974 more than 7,600 people were sterilized.  North Carolina had one of the most coercive eugenics program sterilizing people for “epilepsy, sickness and feeblemindedness.”  Though the aforementioned were the stated reasons they also sterilized for promiscuity, homosexuality and so-called criminal intentions. […]

Many White reproductive activists cannot relate to the experiences of Black women.  They have never had to fight for the right to be mothers, or fight for the right to keep their children off the auction block.  Unless the reproduction of a woman of colour is directly sanctioned by Whiteness, it is deemed an irresponsible act.  Such language continues to occur in discussions of so-called third world Brown and Black women. Mommy continues to be defined as White, middle/upper class, able bodied, straight, soccer mom in a mini van. Undocumented workers are routinely accused of having anchor babies to secure citizenship, but when this is played out in the media, they most certainly aren’t refering to the undocumented workers from countries that are considered White.  They mean the dangerous Brown and Black wombs reproducing at will.

 Women of colour are construed as a project in need of being saved, as long as the process does not mean truly acknowledging the role that race and class have played in our continuing oppression.  Innovations like the pill and Depo Provera, that have been touted as life saving, and important to the advancement of women’s rights, were tested on women of colour, long before they entered the precious bloodstreams of White women.  Yet, this history is erased to praise the ability of women to control their reproductive process. Once again, advancement for women was carried on the backs of women of colour. Even as I am writing this, I wonder how many blogs dedicated to reproductive justice have ignored this story and its historical significance, because it would mean confronting the horrible truth that reproductive justice is about far more than access to birth control, the right to have an abortion and supporting Planned Parenthood; its about validating the idea that women, and by women I mean women of colour, have paid the brunt of the cost in terms of violation due to the intersection or racism and sexism.

I don’t think that justice can ever truly be delivered to these survivors and no monetary award can ever return to them that which has been lost.  The only way to honour them is to ensure that in the future that women of colour have a seat at the table of plenty and are valued for who they are. If that small lesson cannot be learned from this atrocity, then their sacrifices have taught us nothing.

Next anti-choicer who says people should be forcibly sterilized after abortions should read this, then stfu forever.

Holding on to this to use for my zine.


It doesn’t mean I’m religious.
Because I’m not.

It doesn’t mean I hate LGBT community.
Because I am a supporter.

It doesn’t mean I force women to give birth.
Because I never will.

Take what you want from my blog, but never assume I’m just your stereotypical pro-lifer. It is VERY possible to ask questions, state your opinions in a civil manner on this blog. I am respectful and I enjoy answering all questions received! 

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Let me tell you some things.

I used to investigate child abuse and neglect. I can tell you how to stop the vast majority of abortion in the world.

First, make knowledge and access to contraception widely available. Start teaching kids before they hit puberty. Teach them about domestic violence and coercion, and teach them not to coerce and rape. Create a strong, loving community where women and girls feel safe and supported in times of need. Because guess what? They aren’t. You know what happens to babies born under such circumstances? They get hurt, unnecessarily. They get sick, unnecessarily. They get removed from parents who love them but who are unprepared for the burden of a child. Resources? Honey, we try. There aren’t enough resources anywhere. There are waiting lists, and promises, and maybes. If the government itself can’t hook people up, what makes you think an impoverished single mom can handle it?

Abolish poverty. Do you have any idea how much childcare costs? Daycare can cost as much or more than monthly rent. They may be inadequately staffed. Getting a private nanny is a nice idea, but they don’t come cheap either. Relatives? Do they own a car? Does the bus run at the right times? Do they have jobs of their own they need to work just to keep the lights on? Are they going to stick around until you get off you convenience store shift at 4 AM? Do they have criminal histories that will make them unsuitable as caregivers when CPS pokes around? You gonna pay for that? Who’s going to pay for that?

End rape. I know your type errs on the side of blaming the woman, but I’ve seen little girls who’ve barely gotten their periods pregnant because somebody thought raping preteens was an awesome idea. You want to put a child through that? Or someone with a mental or physical inability for whom pregnancy would be frightening, painful or even life-threatening? I’ve seen nonverbal kids who had their feet sliced up by caregivers for no fucking reason at all, you think sexual abuse doesn’t happen either?

You say there’s lots of couples who want to adopt. Kiddo, what they want to adopt are healthy white babies, preferably untainted by the wombs and genetics of women with alcohol or drug dependencies. I’ve seen the kids they don’t want, who almost no one wants. You people focus only on the happy pink babies, the gigglers, the ones who grow and grow with no trouble. Those are not the kids who linger in foster care. Those are certainly not the older kids and teenagers who age out of foster care and then are thrown out in the streets, usually with an array of medical and mental health issues. Are they too old to count?

And yeah, I’ve seen the babies, little hand-sized things barely clinging to life. There’s no glory, no wonder there. There is no wonder in a pregnant woman with five dollars to her name, so deep in depression you wonder if she’ll be alive in a week. Therapy costs money. Medicine costs money. Food, clothes, electricity cost money. Government assistance is a pittance; poverty drives women and girls into situations where they are forced to rely on people who abuse them to survive. (I’ve been up in more hospitals than I can count.)

In each and every dark pit of desperation, I have never seen a pro-lifer. I ain’t never seen them babysitting, scrubbing floors, bringing over goods, handing mom $50 bucks a month or driving her to the pediatrician. I ain’t never seen them sitting up for hours with an autistic child who screams and rages so his mother can get some sleep while she rests up from working 14-hour days. I don’t see them fixing leaks in rundown houses or playing with a kid while the police prepare to interview her about her sexual abuse. They’re not paying for the funerals of babies and children who died after birth, when they truly do become independent organisms. And the crazy thing is they think they’ve already done their job, because the child was born!

Aphids give birth, girl. It’s no miracle. You want to speak for the weak? Get off your high horse and get your hands dirty helping the poor, the isolated, the ill and mentally ill women and mothers and their children who already breathe the dirty air. You are doing nothing, absolutely nothing, for children. You don’t have a flea’s comprehension of injustice. You are not doing shit for life until you get in there and fight that darkness. Until you understand that abortion is salvation in a world like ours. Does that sound too hard? Do you really think suffering post-birth is more permissible, less worthy of outrage?

"Pro-life" is simply a philosophy in which the only life worth saving is the one that can be saved by punishing a woman.



It doesn’t mean I’m religious.
Because I’m not.

It doesn’t mean I hate LGBT community.
Because I am a supporter.

It doesn’t mean I force women to give birth.
Because I never will.

Take what you want from my blog, but never assume I’m just your stereotypical pro-lifer. It is VERY possible to ask questions, state your opinions in a civil manner on this blog. I am respectful and I enjoy answering all questions received! 

Thanks for following! :)

Riiiiight, you’re not like every other “pro-lifer” who outwardly tells women to keep their legs shut and screams “murderer” in their faces. You just think abortion is like the Holocaust and imply that women who get pregnant before they’re ready are irresponsible and heartless because in your eyes, the only right thing to do is put yourself through an emotionally and physically trying 9 months to carry a bunch of cells to term. Also, if you get any asks that are rage-filled or have expletives, you ignore them because we’re supposed to be polite to you even though you have compared women who get abortions to Hitler. Oh, and here’s a pro-tip: if you run an anti-choice blog (oh, excuse me, a pro-life omg-I-love-women-and-just-want-the-best-for-them-blog), you better be prepared for any and all responses you get.

No, you’re not like other pro-lifers. You’re worse. You aren’t throwing eggs at women walking into abortion clinics. Instead, you use passive-aggression as your weapon. You hide behind you sweet little words about how much you care about women who have or are considering abortions when in reality your words are dripping with misogyny and ignorance.

Oh, and thanks for getting to all my asks you said you’d get to. Wait, you haven’t! Is that because you have no intelligent, well-educated replies? Or is it because you spend your time answering all the asks that praise your blog for how wonderful it is!

Unless you’re spending your time adopting the children in the system who were unwanted, or advocating for more accessible birth control, there is really no fucking excuse, and you are not pro-life.

You don’t deserve civility (nor should you expect it) when every word you say harms other people. In fact, you are continuing to silence women with every (rightfully) outraged ask you ignore.

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