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feminism really loves the Good Victim trope when it comes to sex workers

it’s very easy to tell who secretly believes that Bad Victim categorizing has merit when it comes to sex workers, even if their only response is silence

it’s so gratuitous and obvious and vicious and inhumane, and I wish that I had specified it in the original Good Victim post, but you know what, if I had, those nice feminist bloggers who are not sex workers and who are very thoughtful about the feelings of their feminist friends who are not sex workers might’ve never picked it up, and it certainly wouldn’t have the 1000+ notes it does now

because feminists understand Good Victim/Bad Victim, but they do not believe everyone can really be a victim, not if you’re a person like that,  not really, not without a Mary Magdalene tale of penitence attached, not without a surrender of narrative agency

and then we’ll all go back to reblogging that Dworkin quote about remembering that women in porn are Real People, because we do care about Real People, as long as they don’t undermine our arguments with the facts of their lives





In this article, it’s established that the life of an escort is worth far less than $150.

Hear that girls? You’re worth NOTHING.

she tried to rob him though. if the situation had been reversed nobody would be upset.

but I think its wrong to bring a gun into a situation over $150 , but people need to understand dont take shit that does not belong to you , not everybody got the common sense to just take a “L” (loss)

so it’s ok that he shot at her car, endagering her AND her driver, shot her in her neck and in her back, paralyzed her, and killed her? Really? Murder is ok over $150? Really?

ugh men. just ugh. hate the lot of you sometimes.

and seriously people, STOP SAYING ‘some guy killed a HOOKER’. She was a person who was murdered over a $150 dispute. A person. Who was shot, paralyzed, and murdered. It doesn’t matter what she did for work.

except she didn’t steal shit he paid her. then he decided he wanted a different deal and shot her essentially because she wouldn’t have sex with him.

this guys lawyers are just as deeply scum as he is fuck all those people jfc

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A couple of years MAC did a collaboration with Rodarte, which was pretty fucking tasteless, to say the least, allegedly inspired by the ~ethereal landscape~ of the West Texas border region and included products with names like “Juarez” and “Factory”. Juarez is, of course, most famous internationally for the large number of women who have been murdered there, many of whom were employed in maquiladoras. MAC eventually withdrew the collection entirely and donated $100,000 to an organization to aid the women of Juarez; I’m not sure what Rodarte did, besides offer a lukewarm apology.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because when the MAC collaboration with Rihanna, someone actually said that RiRi Hearts MAC was as tasteless a move on MAC’s part as the Juarez collection. This was buried in a lot of other concern trolling about abuse victims that was and is occurring everywhere (this person was on specktra, but I don’t doubt other people have said the same thing).

What are we, tasteless, badly behaved, oversexed survivors too tacky for compassion, to make of this comparison?

1. Rihanna actually died that night and is now risen again to exploit her own death (Lipstick Lazarus effect).

2. Hundreds of dead Mexican women can be reduced to a single, poorly thought-out emotional appeal used to justify the dehumanization of another woman of color who is not behaving the way we think she should.

3. Both Rihanna and the women of Juarez are just metaphors; metaphors have no needs, emotions, or thoughts of their own, but cosmetic companies should not be so tasteless as to employ them.

4. Rihanna is a tragedy; the fact that she is still alive, still vibrant, still fighting, still being successful, is not something other victims of domestic violence can appreciate, because after all she is acting far too much like a victim of domestic violence, and that is repugnant.

5. There is no difference between dead women and live women, women who were murdered and women who are making their own choices; if you disapprove of how they live/die, they are taboo. Call it respect, but of course you mean respect for your own feelings, not respect for the women involved. (It’s about bad taste, literally no one relates to these women as if they are human beings.)

6. If you are not a Good Victim, you must be part of the problem.

7. If you are not a Good Victim, you must not be a person.

8. If you are not a person, you must eternally seek redemption and the forgiveness of anyone who demands it.

9. If you were victimized but are not a person and not seeking redemption, you must be that which victimizes you, and perhaps other people too.

10. Rihanna actually died that night, and what has risen is a monster undeserving of compassion or sympathy. Keep your wallets shut, say things that ward people like her away, make them feel less human so they will realize they are, in fact, less human, claim it is for their own good, they have no business feeling normal, they have no business living as though they have the right to emotions, mistakes, complexity, you know what’s best, and it’s not letting monsters like that into the light.

All very logical, based in love.




Asian Women are  ____________________

In response to the vandalism and hate crime at UCLA, VSU started a photo collage that mimics the signs that were posted on the VSU office and in Ackerman Union.  We asked people to write what they thought Asian women embody. These were some of the responses  

I noticed my last post (“Asian Women Are… none of your fucking business”) got some attention, so I wanted to put my reaction into some context.

I don’t want to derail a good thing. A response to the message on the VSU banner saying that Asian women are “white-boy worshipping Whores” [sic] was necessary. It was a hateful act of vandalism, and it definitely wasn’t funny.

As someone who identifies as an “Asian woman,” my body is constantly being defined by others. I’ve been told I’m not Asian enough, not feminine enough, or that I’m too Asian, or too feminine to be taken seriously. Or my eyes are this way so I can’t be this or that “kind of Asian” or that only half-Asians can be beautiful. Chinky, FOB, bitch— yeah, I’ve been called all those things.

I work in a Viet-women run open mic space, and more than once I’ve encountered men who feel they need to say something “as a man.” (This blog post, which I still haven’t received a response to, feels the need for a “male voice” in a description of a past event). I’ve heard men recite poetry using a woman’s body as a metaphor for whatever stand it is they want to take, including comparing a war-ravaged country to a woman’s raped body. I’ve heard men take on women’s voices, giving “voice to the voiceless.”

I come from a place of love and compassion and as someone who is and always will be developing her own craft when I say that I’m sick of this shit.

My body is not a meta-playground where you can talk about oppression with more oppression. Comparing my body to an object is objectifying my body.

My identity is not limited to who I choose to date, nor is it defined by blanket statements of positive vocabulary. I like the last picture, of the one who says that “Asian women are my family.” Asian women are my mother, who busts her ass every day to make sure my dad stays alive; my sister, who helps to pay my parents’ mortgage; my grandmother in Vietnam who I may never see again. You know, individuals.

I am an Asian woman. I think too much and work too hard and sometimes I’m too tired to deal with people. I’m deeply flawed and working on it. My family is sacred. My body is off limits. I have a voice, and I’m not afraid to use it, but it doesn’t mean I have to all the time.

I’m an Asian woman and I’m none of your fucking business.

Well said. Asian women are the reason I exist, my ancestors, creators, shapers, teachers, elders, aunts, sisters, nieces, peers, colleagues, friends. Asian women are irreducible to any catchphrase.

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and the OTHER thing I had feelings about today is that today MAC announced that it is doing a makeup collection with Rihanna, and every fucking place I went to read about it was full of comments from sanctimonious wastes of carbon who announced (without a hint of irony!) that they just cared too much about victims of domestic violence to support Rihanna, who is obviously a bad role model, a bad decision maker, an ally to a bad man, a user of bad drugs, and speaker of bad words, a wearer of bad clothes, a bad, bad victim who failed to meet their strict guidelines for sympathy and who is therefore a pariah forever more

they just care about the issue of domestic violence so much, their love is too pure to be tainted by the likes of her

i just wish them all bodily harm, I do


Since I got disgusted and fed up with the fact that people behind the porn blogs who keep following me & other latina’s are sending sexually harassing messages and doing stalker behavior by going through archives, liking any post with us or latinas in general in them and reblogging individuals pictures on to their porn blogs… I wrote THIS POST

I have had a surge of porn blogs and more specifically fetishizing racist porn blogs begin to follow me & one of my pictures (a simple picture of how I cut my own side bangs which shows just my face and bangs) got picked up by a blog called latinaslovers and it seems to be getting a lot of track backs to my blog. 

Latinaslovers is one of the blogs I called out originally for their fucked up behavior. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a lot of the stalkers I am getting are coming from them specifically: 


[Image: an image of a trackback link from latinaslovers tumblr of a picture of me on their porn blog]

Including the ever so creepy kazxxx (who I would sincerely appreciate if you all would report along with me):


[An image of kazxxx from Kansas with IP address:]


[An image of their location not zoomed in at its fullest ehem. Shows they near Wichita, El Dorado and Augusta in Kansas, U.S.]

who last night followed me after stalking through my entire archive and liking any posts of me including a video I made specifically for the chronic illness community about my new years goals and wants for my health & life


[Image of only a few of the posts he clicked through and liked through my blogs archive, specifically looking for ones with pictures of me and any person that looked latina]

This is the kind of harassing and specifically race fetishizing behavior porn blog owners are doing. 

This is the type of issue reclaimingthelatinatag has been attempting to change.

Sadly, the people who run these porn blogs think that Latina women are simply sex objects regardless of what we are doing in our ho-hum lives or that our blogs are just that: our own and should not be linked to their porn blogs.

I think one of the problems is that some folks talk about these blogs as if they are stand alone and have no owners. There are people and many times cis men behind these blogs who are responsible for this predatory behavior. 

It is harassment and if you’re fed up with it, take that step to throw these people’s shit out for everyone to see. 

I refuse to be harassed in to not having a blog or staying quiet about this. I know I am one of many Latina’s whose had this issue.

What I would love for you all to do is:

1. block and report for harassment the following blogs: kazxxx, latinaslovers, thicklatinasbest, latinlover89 , and the ever so fucked up evergleam who reblogged my video talking about being chronically ill & my new years resolutions to his porn blog (Latina’s who have had similar experiences, feel free to add to this list) 

2. Please consider signal boosting this since I’ve noticed we tend to do a better job amongst ourselves to take action because waiting for Tumblr staff can be more than a pain.

If you are a Latina who needs help in installing a good ISP tracker contact me. 

If you have information on how to track stalkers & block IP’s for good and would like to add it to this please feel free to do so!


stop fucking reblogging me and following me & other latinas

Since you all got booted out of the latina tag your new thing is to stalk around latina’s by following them & reblogging any picture you find of them including something like “hey look I cut my own bangs!” and then that gets reblogged by other fetishizing racist porn blogs and creepy fuckers show up in our inboxes saying all sorts of sexual harrassy things

That tag doesn’t belong to you pieces of shit so get the fuck over it

Stop being cowards & accept the fact that PEOPLE are fed up with your bullshit 

We want to be able to keep our own blogs peacefully

And not be harassed for not wanting to be fetishized and stalked

*Yes, I have tagged some of the shit stains on here because you don’t deserve to be anonymous 


I wonder how many people reblogged this not knowing the amazing book it’s from… 

I need to read this book…

so I did in fact google this image, because it’s pretty and I like pretty art, and discovered it came from Habibi, a graphic novel I had always passed on because it appeared to be a novel about Arabs written by a white dude. but then I was like, “maybe I’m being presumptuous and he does have some ties to the culture, let’s look into this more.”


Although the book is informed by his previous work, Blankets, which autobiographically explored Thompson’s Christian upbringing and beliefs, Thompson conceived Habibi as part of his desire to better understand and humanize Islam, and focus on the beauty of Arabic and Islamic cultures, in contrast to their vilification.

Not a promising start. Let’s see what else Wiki has to say:

Habibi takes place in the present day, albeit in a fictional “Orientalist landscape”, which Thompson conceived in order to create a sprawling fairy tale that would allow him to depict a clash of the old world and the new, while allowing him to avoid depicting guns or warfare.


Michel Faber of The Guardian praised Habibi as “an orgy of art for its own sake”, and calling Thompson an “obsessive sketcher” whose artwork he categorized with that of Joe Sacco and Will Eisner. Although Faber lauded the book’s visuals and its message, he found both its length wearisome and its treatment of sex to be problematic, in particular the repeatedly sexual cruelty visited upon Dodola, which Faber felt caused the story to fold in on itself.


…Creswell took fault with the book’s depictions of racism and sexism, and its apparent exotification of the Muslim world without differentiating between fact and fantasy, saying, “It’s often hard to tell whether Thompson is making fun of Orientalism or indulging in it…Thompson the illustrator is…apparently unable to think of Dodola without disrobing her…it is a conventional sort of virtuosity, in the service of a conventional exoticism.”

Nadim Damluji of The Hooded Utilitarian called the book “an imperfect attempt to humanize Arabs for an American audience”, taking issue with Thompson’s ignorance of the Arabic language, his depiction of Arab culture as “cultural appropriation”, and the revelation in the later chapters of a modern, Westernized city in proximity to a primitive harem palace typified by sexual slavery. Though Damluji expressed awe of Thompson’s technical skill, and found his artwork “stunning” and his ideas derived from his research “fascinating”, he observed that Dodola and Zam arrive are given depth by contrasting them against “a cast of extremely dehumanized Arabs”, and summarized the work thus: “Habibi is a success on many levels, but it also contains elements that are strikingly problematic…The artistic playground [Thompson] chose of barbaric Arabs devoid of history but not savagery is a well-trod environment in Western literature….The problem in making something knowingly racist is that the final product can still be read as racist.”

so no, no, I’m not going to read it at all, thank you

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And for anyone who has not seen it, full details in the Galway ProChoice Statment:

For Release: Woman Dies in UCHG after Being Denied a Life-Saving Abortion

On Sunday the 28th of October, Savita Praveen died at UCHG after being denied a termination which would most likely have saved her life. She was 31 years old, married for four years and hoping to start a family.

If legislation is not introduced immediately, more women will die. Under the X Case ruling, women in Ireland are legally entitled to an abortion when it is necessary to save their life. However, legislation has never been passed to reflect this. It is the failure of successive governments to do so that led to Savita’s death.

Savita was first admitted to the hospital on October 21st complaining of severe back pain. Her doctor initially told her that she would be fine, but she refused to go home. It became clear that her waters had broken, and she was having a miscarriage (spontaneous abortion). She was told that the foetus had no chance of survival, and it would all be over within a few hours.

However, her condition did not take its expected course, and the foetus remained inside her body. Although it was evident that it could not survive, a foetal heartbeat was detected. For this reason her repeated requests to remove the foetus were denied. By Tuesday it was clear that her condition was deteriorating. She had developed a fever, and collapsed when attempting to walk. The cervix had now been fully open for nearly 72 hours, creating a danger of infection comparable to an untreated open head wound. She developed septicaemia.

Despite this, the foetus was not removed until Wednesday afternoon, after the foetal heartbeat had stopped. Immediately after the procedure she was taken to the high dependency unit. Her condition never improved. She died at 1.09am on Sunday the 28th of October.

Had the foetus been removed when it became clear that it could not survive, her cervix would have been closed and her chance of infection dramatically reduced. Leaving a woman’s cervix open constitutes a clear risk to her life. What is unclear is how doctors are expected to act in this situation.

Rachel Donnelly, Galway Pro-Choice spokesperson stated:
“This was an obstetric emergency which should have been dealt with in a routine manner. Yet Irish doctors are restrained from making obvious medical decisions by a fear of potentially severe consequences. As the European Court of Human Rights ruled, as long as the 1861 Act remains in place, alongside a complete political unwillingness to touch the issue, pregnant women will continue to be unsafe in this country.”

Sarah McCarthy, Galway Pro-Choice member said:
“Galway Pro-Choice believes that Ireland must legislate for freely available abortion for all women. Deaths like Savita’s are the most severe consequence of the criminalisation of abortion, yet it has countless adverse effects. We must reflect long and hard on the implications of Savita’s tragic and untimely passing, and we must act to ensure that such a tragedy never happens again.”

For more information please contact Galway Pro-Choice on 087 706 0715 or Sarah McCarthy on 085 7477 907 

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A young woman was restrained, force-fed and injected with cosmetics in a high street shop window as part of a hard-hitting protest against animal testing.

Jacqueline Traide was tortured in front of hundreds of horrified shoppers in a bid to raise awareness and end the practise.

The 24-year-old endured 10 hours of experiments, which included having her hair shaved and irritants squirted in her eyes, as part of a worldwide campaign by Lush Cosmetics and The Humane Society.

The disturbing stunt took place in Lush’s Regent Street store, one of the UK’s busiest shopping streets.

Jacqueline appeared genuinely terrified as she was pinned down on a bench and had her mouth stretched open with two metal hooks while a man in a white coat force-fed her until she choked and gagged.

The artist was also injected with numerous needles, had her skin braised and lotions and creams smeared across her face.

Passers-by were gobsmacked to see Jacqueline, a social sculpture student at Oxford Brookes University, forced to have a section of her head shaved.

The gruesome spectacle aimed to highlight the cruelty inflicted on animals during cosmetic laboratory tests and raise awareness that animal testing is still a common practise.

The Humane Society International and Lush Cosmetics have joined forces to launch the largest-ever global campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics.

The campaign, launched to coincide with World Week for Animals in Laboratories, is being rolled out simultaneously in over 700 Lush Ltd shops across forty-seven countries including the United States, Canada, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Russia.

Lush campaign manager Tamsin Omond said: “The ironic thing is that if it was a beagle in the window and we were doing all these things to it, we’d have the police and RSPCA here in minutes.

“But somewhere in the world, this kind of thing is happening to an animal every few seconds on average.

“The difference is, it’s normally hidden. We need to remind people it is still going on.”

For more information about the campaign, visit

While I am very much against animal testing and eating animal products- why is it always women being depicted as animals in these protests? Skeeves me out.


This is porn, ok. Seriously, it looks like porn and tons of sick males out there will masturbate to it.

Those pieces of shit are all getting off on it. Does anyone seriously believe that anyone would stop animal testing / using those products because of this?? What a load of crap.

For as long as I women are viewed as animals I don’t have the energy to give a flying fuck about actual suffering animals.

“Jacqueline appeared genuinely terrified as she was pinned down on a bench and had her mouth stretched open with two metal hooks while a man in a white coat force-fed her until she choked and gagged.”


Boycott Lush forever. This is fucking disgusting. How dare they?

Is this real? I’ve had e-fucking-nough of misogyny within the animal rights movement (fuck, within every movement)! This is disgusting. Boycotting Lush as well as animal-testing cosmetic companies. Just, how can they even think this will get people to care about animals? “Oh, people don’t care about animals, so how about we take a member of another group no-one cares about (women) and create some torture porn!” Sickening. I feel sick.

Oh hey I was just about to buy some more overpriced Lush moisturiser. Not anymore.

Gee, I wonder why these freaks always inflict their violent, painful, degrading ‘activism’ on naked women?

On the article where I found out when this happened, a helpful comment points out that she’s not naked! A skin-toned stretchy jumpsuit in no way looks anything like a naked body or is meant to evoke a naked body so if you ‘eroticise’ this you are a pervert. And if you are triggered by it due to the history of sexual violence at the hands of men that you have disclosed and you see obvious similarities with this man torturing a woman who is supposed to appear naked in ways that men torture women in porn, then you’re a ‘sadist’. It’s just complete and utter coincidence that they didn’t use a clothed man as the subject.

Lush even went on to defend this…

[removed the photo, you can click through to any of the responses to see it]