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Have you ever been jilted by love like the Wilis? If so, then reblog this photo or share your story with us below in the comments. Giselle opens tonight but you can still book tickets here.

Stephanie Hutchison with Artists of the Ballet in Giselle. Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann.

so somehow I got to wiki’ing the plot of the ballet Giselle, which features the wilis, vengeful spirits of women who were jilted before their weddings and, as a result, lure living men into dancing with them until they die

so I came back to see what Tumblr had on them and found this

long story short, National Ballet, while I have been jilted, I’ve never danced a man to death in revenge, though I guess you could say it’s always been a goal


Vintage postcard c. 1911

I’m dedicating this post to all misandrists/classic comic strip fans


Men Are Brutes! Uncouth Vicious Brutes!

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