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En paz descanse Chavela Vargas

Chavela Vargas passed away today at the age of 93. The Costa Rican-born singer ran away to Mexico to pursue a career in music at the age of 14. She soon became famous for her defiance of traditional gender roles, dressing as a man, drinking, and smoking a cigar. She came out as a lesbian at the age of 81, but had same-sex affairs throughout her lifetime (including, allegedly, one with Frida Kahlo), and was proud of the fact that she had never had sex with a man. Many of her most famous songs were originally written from the perspective of a man; her versions unabashedly conveyed her passion for women and life. (See “Macorina” and “Paloma Negra”; the latter became the theme song for my closeted teenage Sapphic angst.) RIP, Chavela.

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WARNING: descriptions of homophobic-sexist sadistic assault at links.

She survived. Her identity has been withheld.

Additional coverage:
Channel 8 KLKN-TV: Updated: Hundreds hold vigil for woman attacked in home
10/11 NOW: 500 Attend Vigil Supporting LGBT Member Attacked in Lincoln Home

As reported by Channel 8 KLKN-TV, “the men who assaulted her also spray painted anti-gay words in her basement.” A local resident posted a photo of the spray-painted message from the victim’s basement to the Facebook page for the Vigil Against Violence:

It reads: “uck U” (“Fuck U”; the F was cut off) and “We found U Dyke.”

For inquiries about donations (the victim does not have health insurance) or to offer words of support, please contact Vigil Against Violence.

One big reason I resent cis straight kinksters and asexuals trying to appropriate the queer tag is because their main justifications for doing so reduce queer identity to fucking. And yes, part of being queer involves who you want to fuck, but we are not protective of our ranks because we think we have some exclusive right to regale our coworkers and relatives with accounts of how we want to fuck (if anyone), what we wear when we fuck, what we like to be called when we fuck, etc. Our homophobic society, however, declares that that is our sole motivation for organizing, fighting, and banding together. We are constructed as sex-crazed perverts out to rape and convert innocents into our ranks. Therefore, when cis straight BDSM practitioners and ageplay fetishists and even the asexuals come up and say, “Hey, I’ve also based my identity around my particular type of fucking/non-fucking, so you must let me in”, we are not surprised, but we do find it profoundly homophobic and offensive. Why would we want people like that around us?




i12bent:Colette, French novelist who was as famous for her free (and therefore scandalous) life style as for her writing, died on Aug. 3, 1954…
Photo: Colette, 1925 - LIFE archives




i12bent:Colette, French novelist who was as famous for her free (and therefore scandalous) life style as for her writing, died on Aug. 3, 1954…

Photo: Colette, 1925 - LIFE archives


A black and white photo of Frida Kahlo standing outside surrounded by small dogs.

Frida Kahlo and Her Dogs by Gisèle Freund, 1948

Both subject and photographer are eligible to be featured here.



[tw: transmisogyny, transphobia] Feminist Blog Outs Trans Women, Posts Pictures


This blog post outs several transwomen with both pseudonyms AND legal names, their photos, where they can be found at the festival, and in some cases their profession and employment. Being on this “hitlist” of transwomen was not consented to by any of them, and it associates them with accusations of volatile behavior that the author has absolutely no proof any of them participated in. The blogger refuses to use female pronouns and asserts that these women, who live in one of the most marginalized segments of our society, are “chest pounding” and trying to assert male privilege in invading a womens’ space – as if people who’ve survived gender dysphoria and live outside of our binary ideas of gender have any male privilege to speak of.

Here’s the original post in question (tw for transphobic and cis-sexist bullshit). This is absolutely ridiculous on so many levels. Regardless of how you feel about transpeople, you should absolutely be concerned that Wordpress is allowing defamatory, person-targeting practices like this to happen, despite a clear violation of their Terms of Service.

You can report GenderTrender to Wordpress for violating terms of service HERE.

Two specific clauses you can cite:

Types of Blogs that violate our advertising policy:

Personal attack blogs: Blogs with the primary purpose of attacking an individual or group of individuals are not welcome on We have a particularly low tolerance for anonymous bloggers who make personal attacks without standing by their words with their real name.

Terms of Service: inciting violence/making threats:

By making Content available, you represent and warrant that…the Content does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party.

Please fill out the form, mention those clauses, and reblog.

In a bizarre lack of coincidence, one of the women they outted, the one that they link her legal name to her online name?  just lost her job today. 

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Labeled “Mae Snyder.”

This could be two women just standing close for the camera, but take a look at the backward tilt of the one woman’s hand, reaching back affectionately to touch the other woman. Intimate. I don’t know which one is Mae.

This photo is from John Lampert’s collection of gay and lesbian vintage photos.

Among the dire results of my “unnaturalness” I had been told that I should go blind and go mad. I believed this. In a kind of cold reasonableness, I tried to teach myself to type and play the piano with my eyes shut, against the time I should be blind.
Valentine Ackland, in the aftermath of her parents’ discovery in 1922 that she and a school friend, Lana, had been lovers. She was forbidden any further communication with Lana. For Sylvia: An Honest Account, 1985. (from Lesbian Quotations, Rosemary Silva)

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A woman wearing a tank top and sunglasses holds up a sign that says "Curiosity made the cat purr. Pride 2009."

2009 New York Dyke March


August 20, 2011

A Colorado immigration judge halted the deportation on Friday of a lesbian Mexican national in a same-sex marriage who would be eligible for a marriage-based green card if not for the Defense of Marriage Act.

Immigration Judge Mimi Tsankov in Denver, Colo., determined that deportation proceedings for Sujey Pando will be held off until January amid developments in the Obama administration on allowing gay foreign nationals in legally recognized same-sex marriages with U.S. citizens to stay within the United States.

Sujey is in a same-sex marriage with Violeta Pando, a correctional case manager. The couple has been together five years and married in Iowa in November 2010. If not for DOMA, Violeta would be able to sponsor Sujey for residency in the United States through a I-130 marriage-based green card application.

Growing up in Mexico, Sujey was ostracized by her family after she came out and was snuck into the United States at the age of 16. Her deportation troubles started in 2008, when she was arrested after a traffic violation and taken to jail. U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement was notified and deportation proceedings started against her.

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