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Having now gone poking around with things about which I know pretty much fuckall, I’m wondering just how much trouble I almost got myself into. I know it can be tricky interacting with faeries, but my understanding is that tree spirits are not faeries. And I don’t think I’ve read any sets of do’s and don’t’s for interacting with nature spirits, at least in terms of potential for serious interaction on an energy level.


I asked my dad about the tall clump grass in the field, and my suspicion that it’s a native species was confirmed. (I was wondering if there might be more to it than just “tallest thing around” as to why I kept being drawn to it while talking to the land spirit.)

We went up into the mountains one day, following a ditch that was dug in the late 1800’s as part of a mining operation, all the way up to the site of a Chinese camp. My dad spent several years doing work up there - well, like, spending a couple weeks there in the summer. I wanted to go up there because I remembered there was this place with huge awesome round cobbles, and he said “Oh, you want to go up there?” and I was all YES PLEASE CAN WE GO NOW.

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An incubus I knew got astral leeches after sexually feeding from someone. So yeah, spirit stds exist. As for exchanging energy risks…oh man, certain energies can affect your psychological state from what I experienced, (like negative emotional energies can bring your mood down) and I’ve heard of how crappy energies in one’s etheric body can eventually lead to physical illness developing in the physical equivalent of the etheric body. 

Consensual energy exchange between you and a tree spirit…if the tree is healthy, I suppose it might be low-risk, but I dunno much about tree spirits. Go google in-depth info of the tree spirits’ species.  as for sexual relations with a tree spirit…my guess is that it would want to have “sex” plant-style, non-human spirits have non-human views of sex. 

fapping in its vicinity might work. 

sexual relations with spirits is fucking weird. this is what two years of being married to a goetic has taught me. 

the spirit world is fucking weird. expect lots of what the fuckery. 

this is amazing enough it its own right, but I encourage everyone to read the full OP, which involves being felt up by a tree

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