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All right, so I was looking at nature things (as you do) and this came up.

Now, i’ll be the first i’m a terrible arachnaphobe and nearly tackled my mother to get out of the way of one but just look at how beautiful this is. Plus, this is not photoshopped.

It is in fact a Cyclocosmia truncata, Spider Tsiklokosmiya or in lamens terms, a Trapdoor Spider.

It is also known as ‘The Ravine Trapdoor Spider’

You have to follow this blog, it’s amazing

What in hell.

Is it weird that my first thought was “I want that tattooed onto my body”?

Is it weird that I thought it was an oreo?

Oreo is what I thought too.


buenasuertegirl: Glenn Arthur

what is that veiled hummingbird doing, is it sucking out a zit

that would be pretty convenient actually, little zit-eating hummingbirds

don’t mind me, I’m insane

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Together, forever.


Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland is made up of 12 “igloos” in addition to traditional wood cabins.  The winter interior temps in the igloos ranges from 21 to 27 degrees fahrenheit, but unrestricted views of the aurora borealis make it worth donning wool socks and sleeping in sleeping bags.

I want to go to there.

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