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bihet feminism lite, you credulous troglodytes

one of my weird death hills concerns Joanna Newsom fans who are extremely resistant to the idea that “Baby Birch” is about an abortion, and who write lots of words about how this song is OBVIOUSLY about lots of things like… things (maybe she’s just really sad she broke up with a dude before they got to make babies :( did you ever think of that) and it’s JUST SO COMPLEX NO ONE CAN ASSIGN A MEANING, IT’S UNPOSSIBLE and how dare you imply my fragile ethereal elf queen might write anything that reaffirms abortion as a necessary choice sometimes blah blah blah

I mean, have you even read the lyrics? it’s not vague at all, you’re just really fucking resistant to the idea that abortion could inspire a complex, emotional song that simultaneously examines regret about limited possibilities and offers no apology for the decision made, because you’re choking on pro-life propaganda that implies that no one could think about an abortion for two seconds and go through with it, much less produce art about it

long story short, these fans can kiss my ass

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    Oh, this must have been it. Joanna’s lyrics are pretty high art. They are so dense that people are bound to have...
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    I completely understand and appreciate this rage. Anti-abortion rhetoric and beliefs make my blood boil to dangerous...
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    yeh, original poster has exact same mentality of people they complain about, hate it when that happens, especially with...
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    Urgh I hate when people post in a musician’s tag just to be bitchy about other fans. I really don’t think people have...
  8. galesofnovember said: also, there’s a a rule somewhere that all songs/poems about abortion have to reference the rabbit dying
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