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bihet feminism lite, you credulous troglodytes

1. Good Victims only have one bad relationship ever, because they learn from their mistakes.

2. Good Victims always cut their abusers/rapists out of their lives immediately, no matter how high the cost or the dangers involved.

3. Good Victims are never angry, they do not lash out, they do not snap, they do not hit back, they do not freak out, they do not distrust, they are not unpredictable, they sit still and take it and are easily pitied.

4. Good Victims have visible wounds.

5. Good Victims are willing to show you their wounds.

6. Good Victims don’t object to questioning.

7. Good Victims are understanding of people who want to “consider both sides”.

8. Good Victims do not make their friends pick sides.

9. Good Victims always call the police and trust them to do the right thing.

10. Good Victims are always willing to sit back and let people discuss what happened to them without their consent or participation.

11. Good Victims don’t sleep around, cheat on their rapists/abusers, dress “provocatively” or assert their sexuality in any way.

12. Good Victims are not traumatized, vulnerable or unstable.

13. Good Victims never have any thoughts or emotions that are hard for other people to comprehend.

14. Good Victims can tell someone is an abuser/rapist on sight, and it’s only circumstances outside of their control that lead to their victimization.

15.The Very Best Victims are so good they never get attacked in the first place.

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    Good gods, I was expected to follow #7 and #8. “There’s always two sides to every story.” Fuck you.
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    I wanted to post this on the project blog, but it hurts so much to read. Truth, but pain. Can’t do it, nope nope.
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