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bihet feminism lite, you credulous troglodytes
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Caring and wanting to help others is not "White Savior complex". It's human nature. Angelina has spent the last 12 years doing so. She has and continues to help many Malala's. Through the schools that she funds in Kenya, Afganistan and around the world, and the inumerous organizations that she supports not just with money but with her time. She didn't just wrote that simple but beautiful article, she gave $50,000 to a fund to help schools in Pakistan. What have you done?
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oh sweet Jesus

news flash: you can have good intentions and do good things and still harbor racist, patronizing ideas about the people you’re helping. If a white child in the U.S. got shot, do you think Angelina would be writing about how she “decided” that the child’s parents were probably off crying crystalline tears for all the children of the world? Do you think she’d be writing articles stating that we were all that child? Angelina Jolie is a wealthy white American who has never faced the kind of obstacles Malala has and will. She is not Malala, but she feels free to generalize about Malala’s experiences and create fantasy scenarios about her family that denies them their full, complex humanity and the right to feel pain as individuals. This is not the first time she’s done it, either. Remember when she disregarded the wishes of Bosnian war victims and basically implied that they were simply too ignorant to undertstand what she was doing? She asked that they, victims of war crimes and citizens of place that is still recovering from that conflict, to meet her, American millionaire, IN ANOTHER COUNTRY to discuss it. The women were even portrayed as some wicked coalition of rape victims who didn’t understand the nobility of her actions. Remember that time when she flew to Namibia (apparently under the belief that giving birth there would forge some magical bond between her white American kid and an African nation) and paid off the government to shut out any journalists she and Brad Pitt did not approve of, which essentially prevented anyone from getting negative opinions that might be held by actual Namibian citizens to the worldwide press? The woman has some deeply fucked-up neocolonialist attitudes; the fact that she is generous with her money doesn’t mean we are obliged to accept that uncritically.

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