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Joey Comeau, writer of A Softer World and horror movie enthusiast,has compiled a list of great horror movies that don’t depict sexual violence. The list also denotes which of the films are gory, which are foreign language/subtitled, and which are “stupid but awesome anyway.”

As someone who is very sensitive to the content of films in general, especially when they contain scenes of rape or sexual assault, I really appreciate Comeau putting together a list like this.

Go check it out! Halloween is just around the corner!

I refuse to watch most horror movies that aren’t about ghosts, monsters or demons, because there is zero appeal for me in watching humans being horrible to each other, especially when it comes to sexual violence. that said, I’m sure this list will be appreciated by many, although I am side-eying the fuck out of the implication that violence directed at pregnant women/forcible attempts to terminate a pregnancy/steal someone’s baby aren’t going to be triggering for some.

(via pandorasprings)

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