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bihet feminism lite, you credulous troglodytes


let’s stop a minute to talk about the misogyny inherent to persistently sexualising women who have chosen to remove themselves from the compulsory sexualisation of women (in this case as a tenet of their religious faith).

all women’s bodies must be sexually available and accessible to us at all times. if not directly then through the voyeuristic gaze of them having sex with each other. even if these women have determinedly and visibly marked themselves out as non-sexual. this must be transgressed. women must be sexual and sexually available for our gratification, no matter their personal choice.

the whole nun-taboo-sexy thing increasingly upsets me.

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    I think I’m too tired to discern this.
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    I’m digging back into the great Nun Porn Debacle because it was a true goldmine for kinkshamers.
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    nun porn is the best porn
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    this is common in islamophobic/orientalist/racist portrayals as well.
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    so thankful for this post the gif still made me wet, but i did the feminist thing and clicked away from it
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    I used to want to be a nun. That whole quitting-Catholicism thing was a bit of a wrench.
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    Dude, you reblogged me*, shattering, again, my dream of a world where no one tells me what they masturbate about....
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    I wish people would stop pretending porn is for women (much less nuns, oh my god I shouldn’t have to explain to anyone...
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    “Everything you just said is, frankly, a total disregard for the minority of people who engage in fetish-based...
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    kinky people: no1curr and arguments like this are a bit reaching, don’t you think?