huerca zafada

bihet feminism lite, you credulous troglodytes

My cat Heidi escapred outside yesterday, and so far I’ve been unable to catch her. She’s strictly indoors and tends to panic and hide, so it’s not merely a matter of waiting till she comes back on her own.  She is microchipped and the microchip is registered and up to date, but I still feel sick that she’s even outdoors.

I kinda just want to puke over everything right now :/

  1. clownyprincess said: I hope she comes home soon. I would be a wreck in your shoes. :( Fingers crossed.
  2. dignified-and-old said: Oh dear <3
  3. frauluther said: aww :( I hope she comes back soon.
  4. casketscratcher said: Oh no :( Hope you find her soon
  5. lindentea said: oh nooooo I’m sorry. :( I hope she’s ok and you get her back soon!
  6. will-graham-i-am said: oh no <3 prayers for Heidi-cat
  7. ineffableshe said: :-( im so sorry
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