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bihet feminism lite, you credulous troglodytes



Just sayin.

Marquis de Sade was the E.L. James of his time, if you want to talk about writing quality. Were it not for the nature of what he wrote, no one would give a shit about de Sade today. If you want to talk about the person, he was a pedophile and tortured/drugged/raped unwilling girls and women on a regular basis. Just saying.

I’m pretty much convinced that the vast majority of people who get smug about his writings have never read them (I’ve read a few passages because for some inexplicable reason my high school library had a copy, and had to stop because even though I was just a protofeminist at the time, the virulent hatred of women was obvious enough to make me physically nauseous) . And if you HAVE read them and came away thinking they’re masterpieces of erotic literature, there is something deeply wrong with you, and I really would rather spend a day trapped in a room full of older ladies who just bought their first buttplug than ever deal with you.

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    This is such a good post. :’(
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    OH MY GOD WHERE HAVE YOU GUISES BEEN HIDING ALL THIS TIME ;A; !!!! My POV is all of this + I think he was a troll, like...
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    I find any book or TV that makes being tied up, abused, whipped, degraded, etc etc…. completely disgusting. And to make...
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    Just reading the description for the 120 days of Sodom made me sick.
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    I’m pretty much convinced that the vast majority of people who get smug about his writings have never read them (I’ve...