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If some big motherfucker comes up behind me and grabs me, I want a GUN. I don’t want to have to figure out where to stab them to incapacitate them, I want to shoot the son of a bitch. 

As a woman and therefore a likely target for sexual assault, and as someone who hopes to one day have a family to protect, I’m going to need to maintain my right to bear arms. Now, access levels and mental health screenings are something that can and should be worked on, but bad guys will always find a way to get that shit illegally. Why leave other people wide open and powerless? 

I understand this. I’m pretty sure I’ve felt like this on occasion until a kid shoots themselves in the eye or something…but I see this making sense. Small handguns, fine. Guns that can be cleaned and put away out of the sight and hands of children, absolutely. Assault rifles? Hunting rifles? AK 47s? what civilian (who doesn’t hunt) needs these?? Gun control has always been one of those things that’s a tossup conversation for me.

Okay, like…I GET IT.  I get what you and the OP are saying.  But I honestly I think it’s a fallacy to equate gun ownership with protection and safety.  I’m not saying that guns haven’t been used successfully to defend people from violence, because they have.  But relying on a gun to prevent sexual assault and other acts just, IMO, doesn’t do anything to end this cycle of gun violence that plagues this country.

I mean, aside from the fact that a) your chances of being sexually assaulted in an alley by a stranger are significantly less likely than by somebody you know and/or trust and b) your home is more likely to be burglarized when you and your family aren’t even home,  we tend to have this fantasy that guns are perfect and will work exactly the way you want them and that nothing can go wrong and that’s not reality at all.  

I’m not trying to take away anyone’s right to feel safe but I think that a lot of this stuff is way easier said than done.  I want women to be safe against violence too, but I’m incredibly hesitant to get enthusiastic about the use of guns to help facilitate our safety.

Not to mention that guns are next to useless in close quarters. If someone walks up and grabs you, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to draw a gun while in their grasp. You want to be safe, take those self-defense classes, learn to break that grip, break his nose, kick him in the balls and spray that motherfucker down with burning pepper spray. Get away.

If you think you’re going to be safe just because you have a gun in your purse or on your person, you’re wrong. In fact, if you don’t know basic self defense, you’re going to run the risk of letting that gun fall into the hands of your potential rapist/assailant. 

One of my defense teachers used to tell us to never carry anything we don’t want used against us in a worse-case scenario. Not to mention the fact that if you’re a POC woman, or trans*, or other minority, shooting down a man in a dark alley or threatening him with a gun might not be the best idea

…I really should have stayed off the internet tonight, seriously.

TY for mentioning marginalized people in this.  It was on my mind too but I didn’t know how to articulate it.

just dropping another link regarding how using a weapon in self-defense, even if the self-defense part works out, can end up horribly if the legal system doesn’t value your life enough to think you deserve to defend yourself.

marissa alexander got 20 years for firing a warning shot.

eta to c&p the right link in there

not to mention the whole “I’ll shoot the sonovabitch who tries to rape me!!!” thing is playing into rape culture myths about how rape only happens to victims who were unprepared or reckless. I know having a weapon at hand can make you feel safer, but the men who have presented the biggest danger to me were not anonymous strangers I was ready to gun down. As someone who owns a gun (a gift from my father) and who grew up around them, I can say I do not have any plans to use them in self-defense. The gun at my house stays in a gun safe, because I know that guns in homes are far more likely to cause accidental damage, injury or death than save my life. We must think about the very American neurosis that is “standing your ground”, this territorial need to see hypothetical enemies wounded or killed, even at the expense of our own safety. You want an opiate of the masses, American gun culture is it. We allow the toxic aspects of our society to flourish by attributing their effects to individual interactions that can be resolved by opening fire. Proactive, community-based efforts that could be implemented to protect one another aren’t even considered, because we are all strangers with our own discrete, inviolable spaces to protect. We think about guns as if they were magic, and are encouraged to ignore the ways they actually increase our risk (and, for certain demographics, make your murder justifiable). This John Wayne bullshit is no more helpful to you than never wearing a miniskirt in public.

Okay, fuck you. Don’t try to liken me to some sort of internal misogynist because I said I want to carry a gun. Where did I ever say that rape victims were reckless? WHERE DID I SAY THAT? 

You know what? Everyone who’s philosophizing on my post about my PERSONAL, HYPOTHETICAL choice can get the fuck off because I’m tired of the notes and tired of the bullshit. 

You didn’t. The idea that guns will keep you safe from rape is part of victim-blaimg rhetoric, however. “Why didn’t she fight back?” is a very common phrase, and yes, that includes weapons and the idea that a woman who is ready to pull out a gun and shoot someone is less rapeable than a woman who is not. If you did not truly believe that, you would not be placing your faith in a gun and its hypothetical powers, which require you to ignore the circumstances under which most people are sexually assaulted, or what society might choose to do with you after you shoot someone. The myopic focus on the magical gunshot rather than the circumstances which surround it is nothing less a product of cultural conditioning, i.e., pure patriarchal American bullshit.

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    I’m going to sound like a total Republican here (gag) but I believe I should be able to carry a gun.
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    Not to mention that guns are next to useless in close quarters. If someone walks up and grabs you, it is highly unlikely...
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