huerca zafada

bihet feminism lite, you credulous troglodytes


I kind of like that joke.. *shrug* I remember laughing. Just the phrase detachable pussy is funny to me.

I mean it had its moments, like finding out who your true girlfriends are by asking one of them to fetch your pussy for you when you’re out on a date and things are getting hot ‘n heavy

but not surprisingly enough, the part I found funny had nothing to do with rape

I just don’t care to read long-ass SJ-ish explanations about why something is a “good rape joke”

esp. if the whole damn premise is treating rape as PIV sex

Ugh, I especially agree with the last part, because every time I see a joke about how rape magically could not happen if your vagina disappeared, all I can think about are the eleventy billion other ways you can be sexually assaulted. So much fun!