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bihet feminism lite, you credulous troglodytes

My mother told me that two bodies were found in a canal not too far from their home, apparently victims of cartel violence. For various reasons it’s very hard to find information on drug violence in the U.S., but I decided to try googling for recent news concerning my hometown anyway.

What I found:

- Some white dude insinuating that spending seven years our dusty, backwards hellhole was an act of heroism;

- A blog post about a young journalist who was recently murdered in Mexico (his father is from Eagle Pass and is now a professor in Colorado), because obviously the correct reaction to such a post is to whine about how he was too white-looking to be a legitimate beneficiary of affirmative action and affirmative action is bullshit anyway what about the white people huh?

- Eagle Pass is the most populous city in the U.S. with word “eagle” in its name and also the deer have anthrax;

- Finally found what I was looking for on one of the local news sites; evidently the bodies were actually found in May and still have not been identified. It’s very possible they were Mexican citizens (my mom says they were suspected to be from Monterrey) and I’m going to make a second post on this for tumblr because who knows, someone might recognize them.

Oh, my borderland.

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