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Obama, I’m so disappointed in you for congratulating Peña Nieto when the election results are not yet official and while the whole country is protesting what was an obvious case of electoral fraud. You congratulated a man who bought the election, who while governor is believed to have ordered the rape and beating of women and children and then congratulated himself for it, you congratulated the man representing the party that has ordered countless mass murders of the people who dared to speak out against them, you congratulated a man who, when a homosexual teacher asked him for help when he was fired for being gay allegedly said, “the government doesn’t want fags,” you congratulated a man who couldn’t name 3 books that he’s read when asked AT A BOOK FAIR, you congratulated a man who bought the media to disparage his opponents the way Republicans do with you.

You has congratulated the man who killed Mexico’s democracy.

You congratulated a man who stands for everything you are supposedly against.

You gave him and this fraudulent election validation in the eyes of the world.

I know it is not your obligation to help us, after all you are the president of the US and have no obligation to the Mexican people, but why congratulate him? Why so soon when there’s only 6% difference between him and the leftist candidate? Why when there are no official results? Why, when only 38% of the country voted for him? Why, when common citizens who wanted to watch over the election process where detained by police the whole day?

I just want to know why. You among all people, you the leader of the “free world,” you the “president of change,” why, while the Mexican people fight for its democracy and dignity, do you hit us with that?

Or is it that democracy and dignity only matters to you when it belongs to the citizens of the United States?

Written by paigemcullers


Note: This post was slightly edited for style and clarity. Links were added by Think Mexican as reference. See original post here.

Read president Barack Obama’s statement here.

(via thinkmexican)

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