huerca zafada

bihet feminism lite, you credulous troglodytes

It really highlights McEwan’s gross straight-person obsessions with Sassy Gay Man stereotypes, and her obvious conviction that she is an Honorary Queer because she doesn’t think homos should be burned at the stake, or whatever. She is that one straight woman who is always hanging around your gay male friends and declaring that she’s a gay man in a straight woman’s body, and, like all such women, has absolutely no regard for lesbian culture, which does not allow them to frame gushing about shoes and sequins and musicals as a totally ungirly radical act.

Por ejemplo:

Gay as a Pair of Pink Shoes—Self-explanatory. A term nicked by Mustang Bobby from a roommate when he was in grad school in Minneapolis.

does not apply to queer woman because bitches wearing pink shoes is totally unremarkable, DUH

Your Gayest Look—Giving the finger. See here. Also here.

in which a straight woman gloms onto queer defiance because she is incapable of not making everything about her

And of course her nonstop, mindless appropriation of how queer people use satire to underline social oppression. To her, it’s just ~sassiness~! Take that, dominant culture!

In short, I hope she chokes on a teaspoon.