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The use of ‘homosexual’ as a noun is really alienating so stop using it if you’re straight. 

I’m not sure I understand what’s “alienating” about it; it *is* a noun. It has a specific meaning and has a diametrically opposite noun, heterosexual.  Explain the alienation, please.

It feels like a slur to me.

I’ve only heard social conservatives ever use it as a noun. I’ve only heard it used in a disparaging way. 

Because you’ve supposedly only heard it in a “disparaging” way, it is automatically alienating? lol I’m gonna guess you find half the words in the English language alienating then, since many of them can be used as slurs.

If you are attracted to members of the same sex, you *are* homosexual. Words like “slut, whore, faggot…” are slurs and are alienating. Even if someone attempting to be offensive refers to me as a homosexual, I don’t find it the least bit alienating because I am indeed a homosexual according to the dictionary definition of the word. I’m curious, do you find the word “heterosexual” to be alienating as well? Bisexual?  If not, why only homosexual?

Is the word “homosexual” othering? Of course it is if you’re heterosexual. But, by the same token, “heterosexual” is othering to those who’re not homosexual.  Every single adjective and a great many nouns in the English language are, by default, othering in some form or fashion. Christian is othering; African-American is othering; gorgeous is othering; middle-class is othering; social conservative is othering *cough*. Etc.

I think we have enough to worry about without having to go out of our way to find things to be offended about.

I really like the condescension, spot on there!

It’s not just me, it’s a lot of people who I’ve talked to.

And I’m asking straight people to not use it because it makes me uncomfortable and it’s not a great way for me to trust you. 

After you informed that I should explain, I did. I’ve never heard someone yell about taking away the damn heterosexuals rights the way I”ve heard people yell about taking away homosexuals rights. 


is this real life

am i alive or is this some form of hell

or maybe this is an anti-depressant fever dream


it’s a highly clinical word that has a pathologizing history

studies show that people exhibit more homophobia when they have to read about “homosexuals” than when they read about “gay men and lesbians”

tumblr is full of stupid children

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    I wouldn’t call someone attracted to their own gender “a homosexual”, the way I wouldn’t call a woman “a female”. It’s a...
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    "Homosexual" used as a noun is offensive because it reduces a human being to their sexuality. We don’t commonly talk...
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    Because you’ve supposedly only heard it in a “disparaging” way, it is automatically alienating? lol I’m gonna guess you...
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    Agreed. I have never heard someone who is respectful to queers use it as a noun. It’s othering, basically. “Those...
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    By referring to someone using a noun (instead of an adjective, i.e. “He is a homosexual.” rather than “He is a gay...