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CODE RED for Gender Justice and Women Speak take exception to a suggestion from a colleague that the term “violence against women” is discriminatory against men, and should be replaced by the term “relationship violence”. 

My thoughts, with all due respect to all parties involved:

Wasn’t this solved when we found the term ‘gender-based violence’? I agree that axing ‘violence against women’ in preference for ‘relationship violence’ will not work because there are a number of fronts on which women (and men) face violence. 

But, I do not think that adopting the term “gender-based violence” or similar over “violence against women” would help to ‘socialize [us] to devalue a focus on women, [which] not only [allows] violence against women to continue but [creates] a more permissive environment for it to occur’, as WomenSpeak argues.

Re: CODE RED’s view that “erasing the language feminists have invented to describe the harms women disproportionately face is an attempt at silencing women”, I rather think that gender-inclusive lenses through which we view vulnerability are a good thing. I long to see women and men share a platform on issues like these, rather than to frame them almost-exclusively as women’s issues in what very-often comes to look like misandrist discourse.

I’m open to counter-views.

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Consider this reblog part of my campaign to at least spend my energy mocking posts on a wider variety of topics,  and mocking posts that are more clearly stupid.  Also,  my long term commitment to misandrist discourse.

Standing in misandrist solidarity

Maybe when women aren’t overwhelmingly the victims and men aren’t overwhelmingly the perpetrators we can talk about changing it

Misandrist = saying “well, maybe you aren’t the most important person in this discussion”

seriously, I have a met a lot of people involved in domestic violence activism, and have yet to encounter a single one who was hostile to or unwilling to help a man who was genuinely a victim of partner violence, not to mention all the boys who grow up in homes where violence occurs. It is very much in the interest of women to remove boys from those situations, because they will become men. The underlying implication of this attempt to ungender DV is that advocates are out to harm men, deliberately or by omission, which is fucking appalling considering that it is women who are overwhelmingly the targets of violence. Any attempt to recenter men and sweep the violence inherent in heterosexual interactions under the table lest it alienate anyone (men) only serves to harm women. You can’t even be beat bloody without some fucker asking you to make room for the men, even when men are not there in sufficient numbers to need that room.

so yeah, misandry 4 life

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